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Thursday, December 15 06:12 AM

Super Stupid

Black Dynamite’s THUMPIN’ THURSDAY brings you a Funkadelic cut from 1971!

Wednesday, December 14 06:12 AM

Cool Breeze is cold business

More bad(ass? you be the judge) voiceover one-liners and 70s action. It’s like Ocean’s 11, but with more ice puns.

Monday, December 12 06:12 AM

Living for the city

Just a lil’ Stevie to start your week.

Friday, December 9 06:12 AM

Too soon!

Black Dynamite’s KONG FU FRIDAYs reminds you that when a martial arts legend shockingly dies too young, it’s always too soon to create films based on cloning him.

Witness Clones of Bruce Lee:

And the one that got us on this train in the first place:

More on Bruceploitation here.

Wednesday, December 7 06:12 AM


Insights into BLACK DYNAMITE: THE ANIMATED SERIES continue to pop up in little interview-friendly bits!

Tuesday, December 6 06:12 AM

Start holdin’ each other

The O’Jays break it down real sensitive-like on Soul Train.

Monday, December 5 10:12 AM

Fred’s Choice

Black Dynamite’s MACHO MONDAYS brings you a moment from “Fist of Fear, Touch of Death.” It’s no Sophie’s Choice, but this ho is creating a real dilemma for Fred Williamson. Kudos to the uploader for the phrase “Bruceploitation disaster.”

Friday, December 2 06:12 AM


Black Dynamite’s KONG FU Fridays reminds you that Gymnastics is not Chocolate. Karate is not Peanut Butter.

Not all great tastes go great together as proven by 1985′s GYMKATA!

Thursday, December 1 06:12 AM

Power to the people

Black Dynamite’s THUMPIN’ THURSDAY brings more power to the people than the real electric company and the show “The Electric Company” combined. The Chi-Lites are a whole lot of heavy, can you dig?

Tuesday, November 29 10:11 AM

Only at conventions…

More behind-the-scenes chat with the BD crew about the adaptation of BLACK DYNAMITE from feature into animated series. Try not to be distracted by the elaborate fan-made Ghostbusters power-packs in the background!