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Thursday, December 5 11:12 AM


DW’s BLACK DYNAMITE coming next month from IDW! Can you dig it?

Tuesday, November 19 11:11 AM

Official BLACK DYNAMITE Instagram is now live!

Because once you go BLACK DYNAMITE you never go back to just plain black.

The Official Black Dynamite Instagram


Tuesday, November 12 12:11 PM

Some Honey Bee Buzz

Early Honey Bee concept designs from Season 1 of Black Dynamite! Season 2 coming soon!

Tuesday, October 29 01:10 PM

Season Season 2 Y’all!

Get Ready!

Friday, October 25 01:10 PM

Han Soul-o and Black Queen Leia.

Art by Seung Eun Kim.

Friday, October 25 01:10 PM

The Black Dynamite experience

Art by David Choe.

Friday, October 18 11:10 AM

Bronze Tiger Styled!

Michael Jai White – Life of Dad Champion. Read the full story here.

Friday, October 18 11:10 AM

Face-off: Black Dynamite vs. Machete

Machete Cortez may kill, but Black Dynamite is always right on time. Read more on the rivalry here and show some respect for the Black Dynamite fan art over at Deviant.