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Tuesday, July 10 07:07 AM

I am Black Dynamite!

Check out Black Dynamite’s murals, billboards, and GIANT afro picks:

Tuesday, July 10 07:07 AM

I am Black Dynamite!


Thursday, July 5 11:07 AM


Never f with Jim in a dojo in the dark.




Thursday, July 5 11:07 AM

Macho Mondays

Kelly’s Hero.


Team @Black Dynamite outside Roscoe’s.

Wednesday, June 27 08:06 AM

Woe to the Soul

The Afro Saga Ends.

Photo: The Afro Saga Ends.</p>

Wednesday, June 27 08:06 AM

Check it out turkeys!

BLACKDYNAMITE.TV is something to see!
Photo: BLACKDYNAMITE.TV is something to see!</p>

Tuesday, June 26 08:06 AM

Free Movie Screening & Sneak Peak!

Be the first in the world to see an episode of the new BLACK DYNAMITE animated series on ADULT SWIM by attending one of the screenings in one of these cities: DC, HOUSTON, NYC, DETROIT, OAKLAND, SEATTLE and LA.

Chicago area Black Dynamite fans: get ready for a very special night at the Music Box Theatre! On June 15th at 8 PM New Cult Canon will be hosting a special screening of Black Dynamite featuring a live Q & A with BD Director and Co-writer Scott Sanders via Skype. The evening will also include a screening of the pilot episode of Black Dynamite: The Animated Series. That’s a whole lotta badass!

You can buy tickets online at – Get your tickets now before its sold out!

Get the full scoop from the  A.V. Club Chicago.

Wednesday, May 9 02:05 PM

Can a Brother get some Love?

Way back in 2008, via “Korey’s Webcam”, came up with the top seven Black Superheroes. The list includes and mentions some greats like Disco Godfather, Dolemite, and the day-walker himself Blade. The list also includes such weak entrees as Meteor Man, Blank Man, and Steel (Shaq wearing pieces of a trash can). But egregiously omits Michael Jai White’s role in Spawn! How dare they!? 

You can check out the list yourself at Thanks you to TAMBAY at Indiewire’s Shadow and Act blog for bringing this error to our attention.

Photo Courtesy of New Line Cinemas