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Wednesday, January 15 07:01 AM


Check out the Black Dynamite Comic Book Signing on Saturday, March 1st at Meltdown Comics in Los Angeles, and get a chance to meet Byron Minns, Scott Sanders and Brian Ash!

It’s gonna be out-of-sight!

Adult Swim has officially picked up BLACK DYNAMITE for a second season.  Expect more artful badassary in 2014.

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On tonight’s new Black Dynamite, witness the best weaving of mystery theater and hardcore pornography ever seen in televised animation. Watch “Bullhorn Nights” or “Murder, She Throats” at 11:30P on Adult Swim.

Tuesday, July 24 07:07 AM

But there’s only one Black Dynamite…


Michael Jackson Cream Corn
What’s Corn Got to Do With It?

Little boys shouldn’t be layin’ their hands on no grown-ass men…

Thursday, July 12 08:07 AM

3 More Days until….

Wednesday, July 11 07:07 AM

Rise and shine Jive Turkey!

4 days until the series premiere of Black Dynamite on Adult Swim jack!