Season 2 Coming Soon!

July 9, 2014

All you Black Dynamite fans better be pumped up for the Season 2 release on Adult Swim! We are working hard to bring it to you ASAP!


  • Moon Face

    I would give one of my nuts to help work on this show.

    You bet I’m pumped.

  • }{eywood

    Well I wouldn’t give a nut to work on this show….because no one works! The Simpsons can manage to animate 22-24 1/2 hour episodes in a year, but you guys cant seem to make 12 in 2 and a half years! I’m at a point where I think someone needs to take members of Michael Jai White’s family hostage until this show is completed and aired!

  • kofybean

    When will BD be on Huluplus, Amazon Prime, or Netflix? I do not have cable, or adult swim and I would watch if it were available to me through other sources.