Adult Swim has officially picked up BLACK DYNAMITE for a second season.  Expect more artful badassary in 2014.

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  • Tankchojnacki66

    Wtf 2014!!!!!!!!!!

  • OJ Simpson

    Oh hell yeah.

  • storkmedia


  • blackdynamitesgirl

    Why so late ?

  • Barry Lodge Jr.

    2014!!! You have got to be kidding me!!!!

  • j


  • Cod1up

    You Jive mothers

  • tRm1212

    Dang Lady I’m quite aware that this definitely isn’t a place to make moves on people but I’m really stunned by your beauty. I’d really like to chat with you maybe threw face book I promise I don’t look terrible! (blackdynamitesgirl)

  • pimpmystyle

    I hope there is a lot of episodes for making us wait a year.

  • Anonymous

    wow over two years to draw these toons? seriously?