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Monday, December 16 10:12 AM

Jim Mahfood with the Dynamite Goodness!

Thursday, December 5 11:12 AM

Michael Jai White fans are everywhere!

Thursday, December 5 11:12 AM


DW’s BLACK DYNAMITE coming next month from IDW! Can you dig it?

Tuesday, November 19 11:11 AM

Official BLACK DYNAMITE Instagram is now live!

Because once you go BLACK DYNAMITE you never go back to just plain black.

The Official Black Dynamite Instagram


Tuesday, November 12 12:11 PM

Some Honey Bee Buzz

Early Honey Bee concept designs from Season 1 of Black Dynamite! Season 2 coming soon!

Tuesday, October 29 01:10 PM

Season Season 2 Y’all!

Get Ready!

Friday, October 25 01:10 PM

Han Soul-o and Black Queen Leia.

Art by Seung Eun Kim.

Friday, October 25 01:10 PM

The Black Dynamite experience

Art by David Choe.