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Sunday, August 26 07:08 AM


Black Dynamite flashes back to Vietnam. TONIGHT at 11:30P.


All you 3D Hustlers of the Universe!

A contest winner has been chosen by Thingiverse.

Bre Pettis, co-founder and CEO of Makerbot

Picked a badass 3D design that we sure liked a lot!

THROWDOWN SHOWDOWN is the winner so fine!

Because it’s cool and clever and has a name that rhymes!

So check it out here, it’s something to see:


And now go get 3D printing you 3D turkeys!

Friday, August 24 08:08 AM

Get Slade

Friday, August 24 08:08 AM

That Time of the Month

Thursday, August 23 07:08 AM

Sunshine Fresh!

Thursday, August 23 07:08 AM

Watch Out, Rowdy Roddy and Mr. Wonderful!

Tuesday, August 21 12:08 PM


Tuesday, August 21 09:08 AM

Welcome to the Internet.