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Sunday, July 29 12:07 PM

The Queen Exudes Dynamite

Friday, July 27 08:07 AM

Ohhhhh, Angela!


Black Dynamite is thrilled to announce that Nico Nico Douga ( will be streaming theĀ BLACK DYNAMITE feature film and 11-minute Animated Pilot atĀ 10 PM (JST) on MONDAY, JULY 30th.

The program will run as follows, fools !!

9:50 PM – Doors Open

10:00 PM – Feature Film, introduced by Nico Nico celebrity Midori-Chan and featuring interactive comments administered by Saito-P (Nico Nico producer)

11:30 PM – Animated Pilot (11-minute), introduced by Midori-Chan

This video will ONLY be accessible in Japan. The film and pilot will be subtitled!

Black Dynamite will be very, very angry if you don’t warn all your Japanese friends to watch! Share this with all your friends in Japan, or Black Dynamite will show you the real meaning of kung fu fury!



Thursday, July 26 09:07 AM

The Head Jive Turkey!

Thursday, July 26 07:07 AM


Thursday, July 26 07:07 AM

The Real Blue Print

Wednesday, July 25 07:07 AM

Now That Is Some Heavy S&%@

Tuesday, July 24 01:07 PM