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Friday, June 29 09:06 AM

Black Dynamite TV For Y’ALL!

Black Dynamite and his cartoon crew are gonna cartoon do what they gotta cartoon do.

Friday, June 29 09:06 AM



The ‘Fro is the first thing to go. The smile is the second.

Team @Black Dynamite outside Roscoe’s.

Wednesday, June 27 08:06 AM

Woe to the Soul

The Afro Saga Ends.

Photo: The Afro Saga Ends.</p>

Wednesday, June 27 08:06 AM

Check it out turkeys!

BLACKDYNAMITE.TV is something to see!
Photo: BLACKDYNAMITE.TV is something to see!</p>

Tuesday, June 26 08:06 AM

Free Movie Screening & Sneak Peak!

Be the first in the world to see an episode of the new BLACK DYNAMITE animated series on ADULT SWIM by attending one of the screenings in one of these cities: DC, HOUSTON, NYC, DETROIT, OAKLAND, SEATTLE and LA.