Ever wonder where BD gets his signature groove from? Our main man Michael Jai White talks with Adult Swim’s David Wolinsky about his secret love of ’70s Sound:

What, to you, defines ’70s rock?

“It’s just kinda a wholesome era. Maybe “wholesome” isn’t the right word, because I don’t know where ’70s rock would be without LSD. To me it’s just a music that has spoken to me ever since I was a kid. I would be in rural Brooklyn or the mean streets of Bridgeport, Connecticut and was a closet rock listener. [Laughs.] That was R&B and hip-hop central. Nobody knows that I’m listening to The Eagles.”

What lengths did you go to to hide your musical tastes?

“I always had my tapes and stuff, and if my window’s open and I’m in the projects, I’d change my tape. Maybe I might put on some Public Enemy, but if my windows are up I’m listening to Jackson Browne.”

What was the first band from that era you remember clicking with?

“Aerosmith? I don’t know if I could pick one specifically, but I know I was listening to Christopher Cross and Harry Chapin and Jim Croce. I was into lyrics. I couldn’t not hear the lyrics. When Rock & Roll Jeopardy!would be on, I’d sit there and I swear I’d beat most of the people. I’d sit at home, watch, and know it all. Even little obscure things.

I don’t hide it nowadays. I have a son who grew up with it and he’s listening to Helen Reddy and stuff. [Laughs.] It’s normal to him just to know these things, Electric Light Orchestra, and all that type of stuff. That’s the stuff I listen to at home, but that’s not what my badass persona would indicate.”

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